What to Expect

What can you expect when you visit our church?

Arrival: We are located in Westminster, CA and share a parking lot with the Korean Church of Orange County.  Enter on Magnolia (just north of Hazard) and our parking attendant will show you the spots that have been reserved for LGC.  Then our welcoming team will guide you to the sanctuary.  If you are a new visitor, please let us know and receive a free gift pack that we have prepared for you!

Members: Our sanctuary seating capacity is 120 and we currently have one service (done completely in English) with an average attendance of 70-90 people on Sundays.  By God's grace, we are starting an earlier 2nd service on Sept 30th!  Also, on Friday nights, we offer a time to study God's Word more in-depth.  Because we branched out of KCOC, the staff and a majority of the congregation members are Korean-Americans.  But, over the years, more and more non-Koreans have become members and we hope and pray that trend will blossom into a totally multi-ethnic congregation.  You're not Korean? Excellent!  You are more welcome!

Parents: There is a baby room inside of our sanctuary and our volunteers will take care of your little ones during service.  Kindergarten up to high school students meet in a close-by building under the care of our education and children's pastors.

Worship Service: Come as you are!  No fancy outfits necessary, no dress code or judgments here.  We have a live contemporary band and praise God with old and new songs from Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Hillsong/United, Passion, Jesus Culture, IHOP, Elevation while also mixing in Delirious, Vineyard, Maranatha and, of course, good ol' fashioned hymns, just to name a few.  You can sit or stand, clap or raise your hands, kneel or jump, shout or meditate, and freely express your worship unto God. 

There is also a time of greeting where we go around and shake hands or hug and say hello to each other.  Some might feel awkward about this, but we feel that it's way worse to not acknowledge you at all.  Plus, it does wonders in breaking the ice and opening up our hearts before the sermon.  How can we NOT say "hello and welcome" to you when you chose to worship God with us from among so many choices out there.  Don't worry.  We promise to make it quick and painless. 

Sermons: Pastor Steve and other associate pastors usually take a passage from the Bible and explain what's going on, what's REALLY going on, how it applies to our lives today, and, most importantly, how it brings glory to God!  The 20-30 minute sermons are easy to understand and practical in nature.  Click HERE to check out some sermon videos and be blessed!

God: You can expect to meet God here, because why else would a church exist?  Without the presence of God, our whole purpose for gathering would be meaningless.  Come and worship Him, hear His voice, receive prayer from our members and be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive healing, comfort and peace.  Leave with a newfound joy and laughter in your heart, along with a full stomach!

Free Food!  We believe in feeding our members spiritually AND physically.  Immediately after each service (both Sundays and Friday nights), faithful groups take turns in blessing the entire church with a wonderful meal.  Sometimes store bought, sometimes home-made, but always with love and hospitality.  Visitors can go right to the front of the line and be served first.  We have picnic tables outside under a tent where you can sit with the pastors and members, ask questions, get to know us better and enjoy a great time of fellowship at no cost.

But enough reading about it.  Come and experience it!